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About Editions Limited
Editions Limited Offices, Emeryville, CA.
Focus on Government

Editions Limited has successfully maintained its U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) contract for ten years, providing a quality product and excellent service while complying with federal contractual standards and guidelines. Our product line is available on GSA Advantage!, ensuring ease of use and expedient processing of orders, and we provide a full catalog containing more than 2000 images. Our GSA representative will gladly compile ideas for room packages, general themes for healthcare, educational institutions, as well as recreational facilities.

Editions Limited GSA clients include:

Beale AFB
Fallon Naval Air Station
Misawa Inn, Misawa Air Base, Japan
Moffet Field Navy Lodge
Reno VA Medical Center
San Francisco VA Medical Center
The Pentagon, Headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense
Travis AFB
Vandenberg AFB

Please contact your GSA representative with any questions.

Joanne Chappell
800-228-0928, ext. 0
E-mail Joanne Chappell