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Barbara Weldon

Barbara Weldon

Born in Arizona, Barbara Weldon grew up in southern California. Early memories of her grandmother's art studio inspired her artistic development as did extensive traveling to diverse corners of the world such as Bali, Fiji, Kenya, Europe and Asia

Weldon studied at San Diego State University and UC San Diego and received the distinct honor of a solo exhibition at the San Diego Museum of Art in 1976. Watercolor was her choice medium in her developing years as an artist, but gradually as her paintings evolved the materials also changed. Weldon's current collage images often involve drawing, intaglio printing, acrylic, oil and encaustic. These various layers reflect the influences of the diverse cultures she has visited. Weldon explains, "I am totally absorbed by the architecture, the symbolism, the colors, the people and the subtleties of their culture. Those images become a part of the layers." Medieval architecture and ancient tapestries in France inspire Weldon's most recent series of paintings.

Barbara Weldon's work is included in numerous prestigious collections, including Utah State University, San Jose Museum of Art, Bank of America, Copley Newspapers, The Imperial Hotel in Tokyo and the Charles and Helen Schwab Collection.