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Davis, Harold

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Harold Davis was born in Princeton, New Jersey, and grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. When he was five years old, his parents gave him a box camera and he fell in love with photography. Later, he became interested in painting, and studied figurative and abstract painting at the Art Students League, Bennington College, and elsewhere.

Rejecting the law career picked out for him by his parents, Davis opened a studio in New York, where he was part of the art scene in the 1980s, hanging out with artists including Basquiat, Julian Schnabel, Mark Kostabi, and Keith Haring. During this period Davis exhibited widely, including a one person show at Arras Gallery on 57th Street in New York and an exhibit at the New-York Historical Society.

In the early 1990s Davis married, and left New York first for a farm in Vermont, and then for the hills of Berkeley, California. During this time, looking for a new direction, Davis stopped painting and photographing. He held a number of different jobs and wrote the first of what were to become many books.

In 2004 Davis picked up a camera again and was delighted to find that he could combine his love of painting with his love of photography by starting with digital captures and using digital painting techniques to enhance his imagery. He delights in experimentation while using original, cutting edge technologies. While Davis’s work uses the latest technologies, it also harkens back to historic art traditions, including impressionist painting and Asian art.

Davis creates and processes his images using wide-gamut and alternative digital methods that he has invented. His techniques combine the craft of photography with the skills of a painter.

Davis is the author of more than fifteen bestselling books which explain his innovative techniques and present his extraordinary images.