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Bloomfield, Pip

Pip Bloomfield was born in Sydney, Australia. Her childhood dream was to be a ballet dancer. However, at the age of 18 Pip won a scholarship in business studies in Canberra. After her studies she embarked upon a career in advertising, working with several international firms and spending three years in London. As she worked her way up, Pip became increasingly more interested and involved with the creative side of the business.

Returning to Australia, she became a well-known photographic stylist and eventually fell into interior design, where she has had a successful career for over fifteen years in the United States. Recently, Pip began combining her own photography with her design background. Using a photographer’s eye for color and composition, she has designed product for textiles, lighting, wallpaper, tabletop ceramics, furniture and stationery. Pip explains, “I am doing what I always dreamed of: creating ideas and images that beautifully integrate art and interior design.”