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Camp, Todd

amlodipin krka

amlodipin teva
Todd Camp was born in rural Ashland, Ohio in 1966 where his interest in nature and art was apparent and nurtured at an early age. His formal studies at the Columbus College of Art & Design began in 1985 where he earned a B.F.A. with Honors.

After graduation, Todd began an extraordinary teaching career that lasted over 14 years and touched the lives of countless students. During this time he also accumulated numerous awards, national exhibitions, and corporate & private patronage of his innovative art.

In 2004 Todd decided to leave teaching and pursue his art on a full time basis. The result was the beginning of a new series of work that continues to grow and develop today. “ I always look deep into the obvious for something unseen, another way of looking at an idea”. The ability to work in a variety of media including clay, painting, & sculpture, propels Camp’s abstract, contemporary expressions beyond the ordinary. Some of his influences include travel, water, air qualities and observations of the mundane, all of which contribute to a culmination of his unique vision. Viewers of Todd’s work might identify with a particular shape, color, or reflection that then leads them on a personal journey of remembrance. “ I love to travel. Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Italy are my favorite destinations. I immerse myself in the light and color there, it is much different than the light where I live.”

Foreign sights, smells, customs, language, and music also play an important role in recreating a memory from those trips on canvas, paper or clay. “I layer my art with multiple recollections of one observation. Some layers remain dominant in the final piece while others lie just beneath the surface of a more prominent thought. The circle is always present in my work representing the journey or travel. Beginning in one moment of time and the continuum of the circle brings us back to where we began the journey”.
Todd Camp’s work is represented in Columbus, Ohio by Sherrie Gallery and Brenda Kroos Gallery. Profile Art in Ontario, Canada, Editions Limited in California, The Attic Gallery in Portland, Oregon also represent his exciting work.