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Chun, Douglas


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Born in Canton, China and educated in Hong Kong, Douglas Chun received his early art training from the Honolulu Art Academy. He also won scholarships from the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Art Institute. After graduating, he began a career as an architectural illustrator. Chun went on to open his own firm and worked with major architectural firms internationally.

After thirty years of experience drawing man-made structures, Chun embarked upon a career as a watercolorist, focusing on natural landscapes. Humbled by the beauty of nature, he chose to depict landscapes he felt might stimulate awareness of the fragility of the land in the face of human development.

An expert in water color technique, Chun renders a delicate balance of color and light in his pastorals, illustrating subtle shifts in the seasons. Chun explains, “Sensing the spirit of a place is an experience that I want to convey in my paintings. My intent is to capture the essence of each place in the hope of inspiring the viewer to revere and care for what nature has given us, and to ultimately preserve what is left.”